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Helpful Suggestions For Writing An Essay About Happiness And Sadness

Do you have to compose an essay about happiness and sadness? The following helpful suggestions will guide you through the entire writing process. If you need some more information about how to write a winning paper, you should visit your school’s writing lab to get a comprehensive manual and a collection of useful tips and tricks.

How to Compose an Essay About Feelings and Emotions

Usually, students write expressive essays about happiness and sadness. This paper describes your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and experiences, so it should be written in the first person. Most instructors consider using the second person inappropriate. Follow these suggestions on how to complete your assignment successfully:

  1. Although expressive kind of writing allows a less formal style, as compared to other kinds of papers, you should follow the rules of word usage, sentence structure, grammar, and spelling.
  2. It often makes sense to use a dialogue and quotations. For example, you can provide a short dialogue with a loved person and then explain why you felt happiness after that conversation.
  3. You should describe relationships, places, people, and ideas that caused you feel happy or sad. To do so, you should use descriptive language appealing to the five senses.
  4. If appropriate, explain what happiness and sadness mean to you. Provide some examples of situations when you have experienced those feelings. Make sure that you “show” what happened instead of “telling” things.
  5. The adjectives that you use to describe your feelings should be colorful and to the point. You should avoid unnecessary, extra adjectives or else you will end up with lots of fat in your essay.
  6. Active verbs will make your paper sound more powerful. It is recommended that you avoid passive voice and “to be” verb. Keep your writing simple and avoid word-games or else you may confuse your audience.

Closing Comments

You should close your essay just like any other kind of formal writing. Your end statement depends on what arrangement you have used, e.g. chronological, describing a situation, cause and effect relationship, or problem-solution structure.

Typically, composing a paper about happiness and sadness does not involve research, so you do not have to create a list of works cited. However, if you use any quotations, you should give credit to their authors. Use footnotes if it is allowed. Remember that you need to check your work for stylistic, grammar, and spelling mistakes before the submission. Silly mistakes will lower your grade even if its content is outstanding.

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