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7 Elements Of A Successful English Self-Evaluation Essay

Okay, so in theory it should be straightforward enough to write a self-evaluation essay. After all, you are the person that is best placed to fully understand themselves and therefore, writing an evaluation essay as to your strengths and weaknesses should be a piece of cake, right? Wrong! There are several reasons why this might seem like mission impossible.

  • A lot of people are not comfortable praising themselves
  • Some people are blind to their weaknesses

So, in case you are wondering just how you are going to go about successfully completing this task, here are the 7 elements which in my opinion, are critical to a good English self-evaluation essay:

  • Honesty
  • Okay, so yes, while you will indeed get away with blagging some of this, there is no way on earth that you will be able to wing your way through it all. After all, unless you have been living in your own little man cave somewhere in Outer-Mongolia then people are going to know more about you than you would like to admit. Don’t fall into the trap of telling half-truths.

  • It should be well-written
  • No matter how pushed for time you happen to be, it would be a BIG mistake to let your standards slip. Pay particular attention to things like grammar and spelling, as these are pet hates of most of the teaching staff that I know.

  • Sell your skills without over-selling
  • Very few people like the hard sell. We’ve all been in that dreadful situation where someone has tried to sell us something that we don’t want or need. Bear this in mind when writing your essay. While you would be foolish to undersell your skills, no-one likes a braggart.

  • It should be to the point
  • Try and stay on message when writing a paper of this nature. If you deviate too far from the script then you will be marked down.

  • It should be upbeat
  • Positivity is the key here. While we have already established that you don’t want to be too over the top, it would also be wrong to be negative. While a little bit of self-depreciation can in some circles get you a long way, I would use that tactic sparingly.

  • Inject a little humour
  • Okay, so I am not suggesting for one second that you should attempt to play the comedian. However, people like the feel-good-factor, and they like to read something which leaves a smile on their face. Bear that in mind!

  • It should follow a formula
  • All essays are formulaic, this is no exception!

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