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How To Start Writing An Introduction To An Argumentative Essay In Law

Argumentative essays in law are often very straightforward assignments that require students to present an argument or case using clear and direct language to convince readers that the side taken is correct or at least more plausible than its opposition. Because of the subject matter argumentative essays in law are lacking in personal opinion and strictly use factual evidence or examples structured logically for effectiveness. The introduction is extremely important in setting the tone for the rest of the paper. It’s also the only place in which a writer can add a personal touch to the document. Here’s a method for writing a great introduction for this king of assignment:

  • Use a Compelling Opening Line
  • The opening of your argumentative essay can have a great impact on the reader if it’s something that pops out and immediately commands attention. The opening of your intro can be a quote, a question, an anecdote or some other device that hooks the reader and encourages him to go further. This may be the only opportunity (other than the conclusion) in which you can provide a sense of your personal opinion on the matter.

  • Provide Some Background Information
  • The next few sentences should be devoted to providing relevant background information. We stress the word “relevant” because you should only briefly talk about a few details the reader should know about the topic and why it is important to discuss. There is no need to go too deeply on this matter. All you need to do is write two or three sentences to provide the context for the remaining work.

  • Move from the Broad to the Focused
  • One of the most effective ways for composing a great introduction is to start with a broad view of your topic and gradually move to the more focused view which will be presented in your thesis statement. A great way of thinking about this is to imagine a telescope looking up at the night sky. The widest lens will see the vastness of the hemisphere, the next lens will be a smaller snapshot of just one area, and finally the most focused lens will zero in on a single start or planet.

  • End with a Clear and Direct Thesis
  • Finally, be sure you end your introduction with a clear and direct thesis statement. This is the most important sentence in your work because it tells your reader exactly what it is you will be arguing for in your argumentative essay in law. There is no room for complex structure or language. Stick with simplicity for the greatest impact.

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