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The Idea Of Christian College

There have been many changes to the way that education is meted out over the centuries. At one point it was something that only the wealthiest members of society could hope to attain. There were colleges and universities at this point and many of them were started by religious orders. The Catholic Church in particular is responsible for foundling many of the oldest educational institutions in the world. The idea of tertiary level religious instruction is therefore not a new one but modern Christian colleges exist in a different environment. The advantages and disadvantages of them can thus be looked at quite differently and this essay seeks to explore that.


There are many people who subscribe to the Christian religion worldwide. Religiously congruent ideas are one of the chief reasons they may choose faith based colleges when they wish to further their education. They can be sure that what they are taught will be in line with their own beliefs. This is especially important in terms of the Creationism vs. Evolution debate which secular universities are not likely to be as sensitive about.

Colleges that are based on Church doctrine are also likely to have more rules regarding conduct. Many of them have ‘dry’ campuses meaning that alcohol is not permitted, even among students who are of age. Less Debauchery will occur so that students who would like to preserve their virtue until marriage find an environment that will cater to their aims.


For students who are not Christian, these colleges may seem to force beliefs on them that they are not interested in adopting. They may feel pressured by their pays to act in ways that are not natural to them which can cause emotional distress and lead to a less enjoyable experience of life on campus. This spills over into the academic aspects as well. Restriction on areas of study is not uncommon so that students who wish to study Erotic Literature are unlikely to be allowed to do so. They are likely to chose other colleges which can be inconvenient if they are a great distance away. Even certain scientific experiments may not be permitted if they involve premises that do not neatly align with Christian doctrine.

It is a good thing that people can study in places that reflect their beliefs, it is however necessary for secular colleges to exist as well.

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