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Must-Know Points For Composing An Expository Essay About Trafficking

In an expository essay the main objective is to explain the topic “Trafficking” in a logical and straightforward manner. Associate the term with its various types like ‘Human trafficking, ‘Child trafficking’, ‘Bride trafficking’ etc. Explain the term in plain simple language without revealing your opinion.

Structure: It should be a 5 steps writing process. It should basically compose of 5 paragraphs. In this the first step is introducing the topic. The next 3 paragraphs should be the body part that offers detailed information supporting the thesis and the last paragraph is writing a conclusion with all the chief points together.

Must know points for composition:

Prewriting: Brainstorm all the chief ideas for the topic. Thereafter carry a research and collect matter from various sources like article books, online articles websites, magazine articles, journals, newspapers and prepare the notes. Here, create an outline thinking as in what information will be fit in which paragraph forming a sequence.

Prepare the draft: The topic sentence should be used in the introduction section. Here you should have ideas clear in your mind and thereby address the 5 paragraph paper. Cover all the 3 paragraphs of the body separately and support them with facts and figures as in-

  • What is the basic reason of trafficking?
  • Who all are benefitted?
  • If you have received any real life examples from any newspaper or journal, state its year ad story.

In the concluding paragraph, strengthen the thesis without introducing any new material. Since the topic of trafficking is the discussion of any event, someone’s views, personal experience or a situation, always write in the third person like ‘He’, ‘She’ and ‘It’. Never use ‘I ‘and ‘You’ like words.

Finally revise: In this phase, make any amendments and reorganize your work. Ensure that the composition do not look biased. Information is communicated clearly and effectively. Make sure that you stick to your point without losing focus. You should also look for effective sentence structure and words usage. In absence of proper paragraph transitions, effective essay writing will not take place. At last, ensure that the concluding paragraph communicates the values and the meaning of the topic trafficking with key supporting ideas.

Edit: Make edits for grammar, mechanics and clear and concise sentences. Keep your composition lively and engaging. Ask someone to go through it and give his perspective.

Get the essay checked by your teacher: By this time, you have tried your best. If any feedback is given, use it to write the next piece of writing.

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