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Choosing Winning Persuasive Essay Topics For High School

When writing a persuasive essay, otherwise known as an argumentative essay, one of the best ways to ensure a high standard of work is to pick a topic that is easy and interesting to write about. In order to find such a topic, there are various things that you can think about. Some useful methods are outlined below, as is a list of interesting topics that you may wish to use.

Look at things that play an important role in your life and whether or not you agree with them You may wish to look at your own life, including any issues that you agree or disagree with. They may be political or related to any other thing; essentially, as long as you can write good quality arguments to support your point of view, then these can be used for a persuasive essay

Pick controversial topics, but only if you can come up with logical and appropriate arguments

Some people choose to pick controversial topics for persuasive papers; however, do not do this unless you can actually come up with good, logical and appropriate arguments. You will attract from the quality of your argument if you simply choose a topic that is controversial for the sake of it, rather than because you believe in it or can argue it successfully.

  1. 1. Should alcohol come with more warnings on the labels in the same way that cigarettes do in many countries?
  2. 2. Should school children be made to learn how to play a musical instrument from a young age?
  3. 3. Should the world’s biggest sports leagues introduce a cap on the maximum amount that players should be able to earn?
  4. 4. Should the presidency of the United States alternate between a man and a woman?
  5. 5. Should United States presidents be able to serve as many terms as they are voted in for?
  6. 6. Should the film industry in the United States do more to ensure ethnic minorities are fairly represented on screen?
  7. 7. Is positive discrimination a good thing or an unwanted hindrance in the pursuit of equality?
  8. 8. Does vegetarianism unfairly deny animals the possibility of living?
  9. 9. Should there be an age limit to prevent children from buying unhealthy food?
  10. 10. Should teenage pregnant mums be forced to give their children into care, at least until they are old enough to look after the children themselves?

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