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Ramadan In The Islamic Culture

Muslims observe the Ramadan in the ninth month of their calendar which is known as the Islamic Lunar calendar. This calendar is seven days shorter than the usual Gregorian calendar used by the rest of the world. This period is an important time of the year for the over one billion Muslims throughout the world. They fast from the morning to dusk and use this time to contemplate on spiritual matters. It is a very holy period for all Muslims and is always marked by a party towards the end of the fasting period. The end is always told by the Muslim leaders and is believed to be signified by the appearance of the full moon. This is the sign that the leaders use to determine the end of this holy month of Ramadan.

Religious Meaning of Ramadan

Ramadan is believed to mark and celebrate the day when Angel Gabriel brought the Quran from heaven to Prophet Muhammad. The Muslims, therefore, believe that they should show a lot of discipline during this time. The high disciplined observed by all Muslims during this month is supposed to allow for complete devotion to spiritual matters and faith. It is paramount to note that fasting does not only apply to food only. It applies to many other things that people enjoy doing. Most of these things are those that put the believers far from the spiritual needs. Some of these deeds or things include sex, smoking, and drinking during the day. In addition, Muslims are supposed to show a lot of sympathy to the poor and the needy. Fasting is essential as it helps cleanse the body of overindulgence. This increases concentration on spiritual matters.

Why do the Muslims Fast

The first and the most important thing is that fasting helps achieve and obtain self-purification. When you cut all the worldly pleasures, you will be able to concentrate on the spiritual needs and give your whole body. Muslims also believe that when you are fasting, you will understand what the needy and the poor people feel when they go without food. Apart from fasting for the spiritual needs, fasting is believed to help the Muslims learn traits like moderation, patience, self-control, discipline, social belonging and unselfishness. They also take this month to give rest to the stomach from the usual routine. It is also believed to boost mental health and help lose weight. This month is therefore observed with a lot of discipline by Muslims all over the world.

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