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7 Disadvantages Of Using Free Essays Available Online- Professional Advice

One of the worst things that you can do is to choose a crappy essay that you found for free online. Some students will actually use these free essays to turn into their professors for their assignments. This is a horrible practice and one that you should avoid. Take it from a professional. You can find inexpensive papers that are customized to you specific criteria.

You don’t have to settle for an essay that was written by someone who wishes they could be a professional writer. Here are seven disadvantages of using free online essays.

  1. They can be used by other students.
  2. There could be other students in the class that use the same essay and then you can get caught cheating. It really isn’t worth it at all.

  3. They may not be of a good quality.
  4. If you have gotten free stuff before, you may have realized that free things are not always of the best quality. You get what you pay for sometimes.

  5. You will need to learn how to write them for yourself.
  6. This isn’t going to be the only essay that you are going to have to write. You should just learn how to write it so that you can do it every other time.

  7. It doesn’t help you understand the information.
  8. You may not understand what the essay is about if you don’t write it yourself. At least read it through so if your teacher asks you a question you could possibly answer it and make it believable. They writer did the research so they may imply something and you wouldn’t understand it.

  9. You have to worry about plagiarism.
  10. Who is to say that this paper is not plagiarized and then you would have to risk getting kicked out of school or the class.

  11. It may present incorrect information.
  12. Since you didn’t do the research, you may be handing in a paper that makes no sense and you wouldn’t even know it. Well not until after you failed the assignment.

  13. They will not follow the necessary specifications.
  14. There may be some specific questions that the teacher will ask you to write about. If you get a paper online, it may not match her specifications.

When you use a sample online essay, you are not getting a good quality essay that is even worth your time. You may find a great free essay. There are some out there but this is not the norm.

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