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Basic Aspects Of Writing A Literary Analysis Essay For University

If you are a student at any college you will have to write a literary analysis essay at one time or another. You will probably have to create one for your English class that you are taking. In any event, it is good to know what you should include in an essay of this type so you won’t be lost when it is assigned. Here are some basic aspects of writing a literary analysis essay for school:

  • A literary essay is basically a careful explanation of the work you are assigned. Sometimes you will need to evaluate the work as well. Your professor will tell you what should be included in the analysis essay.

  • When you are writing this type of essay you should look at the different parts of the literary piece. You may want to talk about things like the different types of images the poem might show or analyze the plot of a play or novel. You will need to analyze some aspect of the work that you feel is important to better understand the entire piece.

  • Your professor will want you to use critical thinking to analyze whatever literary work you are assigned.

  • The goal of an essay of this type is to show your reader that you can analyze the work and support whatever you are saying about the piece with supporting evidence.

  • Writing this type of essay requires that you organize your thoughts extremely well. Everything you write about must somehow relate to your central idea or your topic sentence. You don’t have the freedom to ramble on about anything or stray off topic. You must be very disciplined and make sure you stay on track with everything you write.

  • One way to make sure you stay organized is to create an outline of your essay. In this outline you should have your central idea in the introduction. All of your subsequent paragraphs must somehow relate to that central idea. Everything you write on your outline must have something to do with your main idea. With an outline you can organize your thoughts and move things around easily to make them flow the best.

Once you create your outline, writing your rough draft will be easy. After you have written the rough draft, have someone you respect read it over. Ask them if it makes sense and if there should be anything included. You can then create your final draft after you make your edits to grammar and spelling.

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