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Military Leadership

Leadership is defined as the ability to influence people towards a specific purpose. Organizations adopt various types of leadership in order to accomplish their goals. They also appoint leaders who can influence, motivate, and direct their subordinates in the organization. One of the most effective types of leadership is known as military leadership. It involves an element known as chain of command, where there is a sequence of leaders who direct and influence others to accomplish goals. The leader has the ethical responsibility to be loyal to the nation or organization, report to duty, and put the needs of other people first. Therefore, it is asserted that, due to the effectiveness of military leadership, it should be adopted in organizations that desire to be successful.

Desirable Characteristics of Military Leaders

Individuals appointed to offer military leadership must possess certain characteristics. The first one is that they should be courageous to face difficult situations. They must also be honest with the subordinates and other leaders. Further, they should be professional in that they should have been trained and experienced in a given field. They should also be committed to their course. In many organizations, leaders lack the courage, the commitment and the honesty to effectively lead their subjects. As a result, the organizations in question do not succeed.

There is a tendency for employees to become disoriented when the vision is not clearly stated and when goals are not specific. They tend to be innovative and may even deviate from the original course, which further affects their productivity in the organization. More so, they do not know who to report to in case of a problem in service delivery. With military leadership, the goals are specific, which means that every employee will have a sense of direction. The formal nature of leadership and the chain of command makes it possible for people to report issues and get proper guidance in the end.

Taking Responsibility Whenever Necessary

Military type of leadership makes workers to be responsible. The leaders have to inspire the subjects to accomplish given tasks. It means that the individuals cannot delegate their duties to other incompetent people; as it is the case in many organizations. The subjects also have to respect and trust their competent leaders’ decisions, thus executing their mandate without resistance. This is particularly important during a crisis, where quick decisions have to made and actions taken in real time. Ultimately, military leadership is ideal for many organizations because it provides a sense of direction, responsibility, and commitment to the leaders and the employees as well.

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