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How To Come Up With Interesting Proposal Essay Topics For College

Proposal essays are one of the most powerfully influential form of essay which if written effectively has the capacity to influence the perspective of its readers. Generally the proposal essays are on such a subject on which you can give suggestions and solutions to the subject. At college, such topics are often assigned to evaluate the reasoning skill of the students. Depending on the topic the argument is varied and knowledge related to the assigned is important.

Here we are going give a few suggestions about how to tackle proposal essays and ideas for finding an interesting proposal topic on your own.

  • Be aware of the current issues which are center of controversies and debate: for selecting a relatable and good topic for proposal essay you should be up to date with current affairs. The knowledge will help you with searching for the perfect topic which is a major concern in the contemporary times.

  • Be descriptive and resourceful about your selected topic: don’t attempt a topic you know nothing about. Your knowledge would get reflected in the write-up that you are writing and so prior study on the study is mandatory.

  • Propose a solution: A proposal essay is incomplete without any proposed solution. So always give a solution that you think is right for the subject.

  • Justify the solution that you give: analyze the subject and justify the solution that you are giving. Without proper reasoning in support of the solution, your solution holds no value.

  • Think unique but reasonable: think of a topic which is not the usual ones pursued by students as by doing so you let your writing stand out in the crowd. However, remember that the topic must be valid for writing a proposal essay.

  • Some popular topics to choose from
    1. What should be included in the school curriculum?
    2. How can we encourage people on voting?
    3. What can be done to make people aware of the importance of physical fitness?
    4. What can you do to prevent divorce?
    5. How can we monitor our child’s activity on the internet?
    6. What can be done to reduce violence against women?
    7. How can we rehabilitate prisoners and help them lead a better life?
    8. What steps can be taken to eliminate racism?
    9. How to increase literacy?

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