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How To Put An End To Cyber Bullying

With the global technology advancement, there is an increased demand for the use of electronic devices including computers and mobile phones. Modern days electronic devices are designed in a user-friendly manner in those even children can operate them without any difficulties. The electronic devices host different applications and programs through which people share messages (emails, text messages and fax messages), photos, images, videos, files and documents and websites.

These devices are capable of accessing the internet therefore people can share files, photos and documents over social media. The social media enables people to share information, interact and communicate over the internet. Cyberbullying happens when people send mean emails and text messages, pictures, videos, use fake profiles and websites of other persons to intimidate or to embarrass them over the social media. Just like any other form of bullying, cyberbullying has dire emotional and psychological repercussions on the victims. Cyberbullying is mostly prevalent among children. The children suffer silently without reporting the incidences to their parents or relevant authorities as they fear being embarrassed. Parents should be on the forefront to fight this menace that is affecting children day in day out.

How to identify children affected by cyber bullying

Parents, community members and school staff are the key players to help in the fight against cyberbullying. Cyber bullying affects children physical and emotional state both at school and home. A child who is affected by cyber bullying cannot effectively concentrate on his or her studies and his relationship with peers is negatively affected. Cyberbullying leads to emotional damage and in most cases the victims spend most of their time in isolation to avoid intimidation or embarrassment from the peers.

Those close to the victims like parents and school staff should keep a close eye on the children to identify any emotional or psychological changes on the child. The school should develop special units or offices that are open to all children to report any incidence of cyberbullying. On the other hand, the community should encourage public talks on the effects, causes and forms of cyberbullying and how to counteract the incidences.

How to prevent cyberbullying

The community is the most crucial weapon against cyberbullying. Community-based programs against cyberbullying are the most effective and efficient means of eradicating and reducing cyberbullying incidences. The community should develop programs that help transform children who practise cyber bullying and educate people on how to prevent cyberbullying among children.

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