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Essay Writing Strategies: A Free Manual For Students

Writing good papers is both a science and an art. The science part entails making sure all the elements of a good term paper are present. Without four basic elements of all papers, you do not have a true, academic essay. For example, you cannot have a true academic writing without an introduction, a thesis statement, body evidence paragraphs—enough to take up the majority of the paper while leaving space for the necessary fourth part – the concluding paragraph.

The art of essay writing is to truly engage, inform, and even entertain your reader. You want your essay to tell the reader about the important aspects of your paper while engaging them with high quality, entertaining content that makes them want to read more.

First, let’s talk about the science of paper writing.

The Science of Essay – The Four Elements of Strategic Essay Writing

As I said, all essays have four elements. First, you want an introductory paragraph that whisks your reader into the writing and makes them want to read more. Second, one of the most crucial aspects of term paper of any kind. The thesis statement is the statement that tells your reader what could be summed up in this sentence: In this paper, I will explore . . .

A good conclusion helps you to leave your reader thinking while summing up your project.

I’m going to discuss three elements of paper writing—introductions, theses, and conclusions.

The Introductory Paragraph

Most students make writing introductions much more difficult than they have to be. Think of what interests you most about your project and write an interesting title and first sentence that plays upon this idea. For example, in a paper on dolphin communication, you could say something like “Do Dolphins Text or What: We’re Wondering?” or something similar that entertains and makes your readers wonder.

The Thesis Statement

Remember the “In this paper I will explore I told you about earlier—that statement should be located at the end of your introduction. Now some writers like a one paragraph introduction and some writers like a two paragraph one—whichever one you pursue, the thesis should be the final sentence of your introduction.

The Body Paragraphs

The body paragraphs are one of the most important elements of your paper. The body paragraphs will help you report your findings, for example, on how, exactly dolphins communicate and all your fascinating insights into dolphin communication.

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