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A List Of Interesting Ideas For An Illustration Essay About Sleep Deprivation

Many science and English classes will ask students to write an illustration essay on topics like sleep deprivation. In an illustration essay, students are expected to demonstrate why they believe what they believe. This means that an illustrative essay is like a normal paper that supports a thesis, but it may have a more personal view on the topic. To get started on this assignment, students should look up topic ideas about sleep deprivation. There are several topic ideas that are included on this list that students can use, or they can modify the topic to suit their interests.

  • The Negatives of Sleep Deprivation
  • Going out sleep can cause people to get into accidents, become injured or develop depression. There are a number of different symptoms that will develop once an individual stops sleeping. Due to this, many researchers are actually unable to research sleep deprivation for extended periods of time. Ethical limitations and medical concerns prevent researchers from allowing people to go without sleep.

  • Fatal Familial Insomnia
  • In Italy, there is a small region that is home to a unique genetic disease. Among residents of the area or overseas descendants, fatal familial insomnia is a terminal illness. It typically develops when the individual is in their 30s or 50s. Once it starts, the individual is unable to sleep. Initially, they may feel agitated or increasingly tired. As the disease progresses, a lack of sleep causes the person's mind to crumble and their body starts to fail. Even the strongest sleep medications will not bring about sleep. From the onset of fatal familial insomnia, the individual has a maximum of a year and a half to live before the genetic disease takes their life.

  • How Does Sleep Deprivation Work?
  • Although sleep deprivation is unethical to study today, Japanese and German military scientists studied its effects during World War II. At the time, they used prisoners of war as their test subjects. Students can use examples like this to illustrate how sleep deprivation works. The student can cover the various stages and how it effects the body.

  • Teenagers and Sleep Deprivation
  • An interesting topic for an illustrative essay could be the effects of sleep deprivation on teenagers. Adolescents are expected to deal with hours of homework, classes and extracurricular activities. Many studies have demonstrated that the average teenager gets far less sleep than they need to. Discussing the consequences of this and why teenagers do not get enough sleep could make for an interesting paper.

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