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Good Vs. Evil

The words good and evil are often used when referring to the morality in the society. People who follow some values in a given community are said to be good while those who go against them are called evil. Since it is not possible to impose values on people, it is then left in their hands to choose whether to be good or evil. As a result, they will face good or evil consequences, which further affect their quality of life. This essay asserts that life is easier when individuals choose good values than when they choose to be evil.

Defining Good and Evil

Certainly, there is a contention on the definition of the words good and evil. Whereas one act can be viewed positively in one society, it may be viewed negatively in another. Different religions also define the words differently. Even so, there are situations where almost everyone agrees that a deed is good or evil. For instance, mass killing is hardly justified. It is only a small fraction of the population such as the religious extremists can claim that murder is good. Hence, it is sometimes meaningless to contend on whether an individual has the option to define the words evil or good and hence justify their wrong actions.

A majority of people agree that people who have done good things should be rewarded while the evil ones should be punished. It is for this reason that laws are made so as to ensure that evil people are legally jailed while the innocent are protected. In addition, the society does not associate with evil people. Murderers, rapists, thieves and other like-minded people may have to live in isolation and in fear. On the other hand, good people are praised and will have peace in the society.

There Is More Evil In the World than Good

It is certain that life is full of evil things and events. Natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes cause panic and pain in people’s lives. Evil people cause endless suffering to many in the world. Still, evil people tend to thrive more than good people. It is therefore easy to join evil people than to do good things. Nevertheless, concentrating on good thoughts and doing good things to other people have more benefits than doing evil. Extraordinary things and long lasting changes in the society can only be done by good people. Additionally, the world is not completely evil because thee are few good people who make efforts to change their societies. In the end, life becomes easier and better when people concentrate on good courses.

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