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How To Find A Good Topic For A Compare And Contrast Essay: Tips & Examples 

In a compare and contrast essay, you should show how two entities are similar to and/or different from one another. It is the most frequently given assignment that is aimed at checking how students can critically analyze two or more issues and find connections between them. If you are free to pick the topic on your own, be sure to use the following tips.

Use your favorite search engine to find the compare and contrast essay topic suggestions. You will find lots of interesting ideas in different areas, like education, religion, art, politics, social issues, etc.

  • Ask your teachers, friends, and relatives for advice.
  • Brainstorm on the issues that can be confronted.
  • Filter your search results. Pay attention to the ideas that are interesting for you in the first place.
  • Check if the topic is narrow enough. At the same time, it should be deep, so that you can find lots of useful materials to support your essay.

Here is a list of great compare and contrast essay topic examples you can successfully use for your essay:

  • Love: how is it treated in the poems by Shakespeare and by any modern romantic poet?
  • World War I versus World War II: similarities in the causes, developments, and results.
  • Putin versus Hitler: comparative analysis of political strategies.
  • Compare and contrast Protestant and Catholic religions. Are there similar features?
  • Private schools versus public schools: quality, value, and effectiveness.
  • Compare and contrast homeschooling and traditional school education.
  • American perception of beauty versus Chinese perception of beauty.
  • Civil marriage versus conventional marriage: benefits and risks.
  • Compare modern beauty standards to the standards of beauty that prevailed in the 19th century.
  • The two most influential people in your life.
  • American political system versus British political system: comparative analysis.
  • Soccer and football: how do they differ?
  • Traditional books versus electronic books.
  • Choosing beverages to wake up: coffee or energy drinks?
  • Who is more responsible for a child’s character formation: parents or friends?
  • Compare and contrast two methods of parenting: free and strict.
  • Girl versus boy: who will make a better friend?
  • Muhammad, Buddha, and Jesus: how do their teachings differ? What are the common features?
  • College versus high school: how did your life change?
  • Compare and contrast German and Japanese technologies.
  • Differences and similarities in the marketing strategies of two successful companies (choose the companies yourself).
  • Renaissance architecture versus Baroque architecture: similar and different features.
  • Autocratic and democratic management models: which one to choose to overcome economic and political crises.

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