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Where To Get A Comparative Essay Example On Christianity And Islam

Writing on religion is a tough task to accomplish. It’s because it has lots of intricacies involved in it. And when you are supposed to write a comparative essay example on Christianity and Islam, you will feel like hanging on the sword’s edge. Try to use the prompts and thereby come up with a suitable resource. Be ethical and choose a resource that is debatable and not controversial.

But what are the true sources that can evaluate religion on logical standards?

Check out the sources

  1. Use peer reviewed journals: Such journals in published format will keeps your ideas clear. Writing a comparative essay example on Christianity and Islam becomes easier this way. No religion should be written without offering quotations via religious texts. Ensure that you employ validated editions of books. For example when you are quoting in Christianity, mention book name, chapter number and verse. Familiarize yourself with the entire details and compile all the details in your reference list.

  2. Academic books: Use validated editions of books and use quotations thereby. Remember, the citations of religion based text books are different from other journals and books.

  3. Articles written by preachers and evangelicals: When you offer the reference in terms of citations, it offers credibility to your comparative essay without raising any questions.

  4. Check out religious texts online or offline: Though all religions have more or less same preaching but the exceptional sensitivity of the subject may raise hot issues in the public. You need to understand that religious comparative paper examples are written to express opinions of individuals in terms of validation or falsity of the religion and not to create violence. Cater objective analysis of the essay and then write.

  5. Religious books: For more details on Islam, you should go through Qur’an, Sunnah, Ijma, Qiyas religious books and for Christianity, you should refer Bible. Though these sources do not write any comparative essay example but can guide you impeccably in terms of knowledge and clarity.

  6. Check out online or offline magazines: Check out various articles that are written on sensitive religious subjects with delicate care offering profound knowledge.

  7. Go through editorial column of newspaper: You can broaden your view point regarding Islam and Christianity enriching yourself with profound religious opinions of renowned personalities.

  8. Check out reference essay books written by various authors: They deal with the topic substantially clearing doubts of students. They talk about beliefs and perceptions of various religious groups in details.

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