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15 Great Essay Writing Prompts For 4th Grade Students

Essay writing is one of the most integral parts of our academic life. You have written essay during your middle school, high school and then in colleges and even further if you go ahead with studies. The structure changes with time so does the intricacy and complexity of the topics. But you need to cope up in days to come so that you always come up with the best description of your thought process in pen and paper.

Writing down what you think in a properly fashion is the most important and the hardest job to do. We can think loads of things as our brains are not limited and capacitated but our writing capabilities are depending on what environment we have been brought up.

Some prompts to write essay:

  • Understand the topic that you have been given to write upon, if you are not clear with your topic then you will not be able to come up with a good one.

  • The choosing of the topic is an interesting part. You should not choose something which is too hard. Choose a moderate topic but an interesting one.

  • Try to go through all your research resources thoroughly. Don’t miss out any point of it.

  • Develop a good thesis statement giving a brief introduction about all your basics.

  • Bring in good amount of resources to support the declaration of your essay.

  • The most important part is to outline the essay. You need to mark parts which are to be done when and work accordingly.

  • The stances of your writing should be creative and not boring, so that people reading it gets interesting and knowledgeable facts about the topic and not only facts.

  • Create a good back ground research outline for your thesis. You will need it at every point of time.

  • Work everything in accordance to the outline that you have drawn for writing your essay. First of all begin with the first rough draft.

  • Keep in mind that you should never attempt to write in first person or second person. You should always write in the context of the fact that you are the third person.

  • The transition amongst the paragraph should be quite smooth and people should not lose the queue of what you were discussing about in the last paragraph.

  • Thoroughly revise your essay from top to bottom. You may find out many silly mistakes which need to be rectified.

  • Do proof read your paper.

  • Cite all your sources in a proper manner.

  • Give a wonderful and suitable title for your work and submit it.

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