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A List Of Outstanding Ideas For A 1500-Word Essay For College Students

Ask a college student to participate in extra-curricular activities and you will find their eyes glowing. Order them to write 1500-word essays and that glow suddenly disappears. Whenever any work extends its general size or structure, notes of rebellion rise from rich volume of students.

Elaborating the premise

On closer look, however, a 1500-word essay may not be as discordant a note to strike. You merely have to pick topics you know and you can explore. It is easier to write elaborately on opinionated topics rather than exact ones.

The analytical advantage

You need to be analytical; you should trace each subject and see the zones which will happily take elaboration. Biology offers too many areas for elongation. So does History because of the inherent richness. You may also choose topics from social science or Literature. There is always the advantage of comparing and analyzing different periods with your essay.

Three major standpoints

Once you zero in on the subject and the zone, make an elegant choice of the topic. Firstly, the essay topic should be relevant to general lives. Secondly, it should offer credible sources and scopes for experimentation. Thirdly, there should be a set framework for placing perspectives and then comparing them.

Doing justice

A 1500 word essay may soon lose the fizz, if you do not remain constant to the topic. You have to sequentially build the topic right from the introduction and take it along a definite route right down to the conclusion. There should be plenty of interesting information and curiosity quotient for the readers, so they feel compelled to go for a full read.

Here are 12 quality examples of essays which may be extended to 1500 words

  1. 1. Notice the impact of Harry Potter series on imaginative attributes of present writers
  2. 2. Trace the symptoms and origins of obesity and offer winning therapies
  3. 3. Illustrate the formation of the United States of America right from the arrival of Europeans on the shores
  4. 4. Write a treatise on corporate governance
  5. 5. Explain the psychoanalytical impact on a traumatic patient
  6. 6. Write about how the world looks like from the viewpoint of a terminally ill patient
  7. 7. Create awareness about energy-consciousness
  8. 8. Evaluate and make convenient the complications of Integral Calculus
  9. 9. Trace the origin and spread of Cancer in the human body and suggest preventive methods
  10. 10. Write an elaborate piece on fuel economy; the state of future fuels
  11. 11. Explain the impact of television and Internet on formative minds
  12. 12. Evaluate the reasons behind continuous rise of terrorism

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