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Eudora Welty

Eudora Welty was born in Mississippi in the year 1909. Her parents were Christian Webby and Christian Andrews. Her family was a family that was brought together by so many things. It was a family of unity and this contributed a lot to the young growing Welty. She inherited or rather copied a lot of stuff from her parents. Her mother made her have a lot of love for reading and language. On the other hand, her father made her develop the love for instruments. It is no wonder she was always fascinated by taking photographs so much. Her brothers also contributed a lot in her life. They were so close and shared and bonded a lot. They spent the most time together during their youth and had a lot of humor. Her family was the best asset she had that shaped her towards her writing career.

Her Education and Work

Welty was a bright girl. She had a lot of love for education. Her good background with the family made her the best graduate ever from Jackson’s High School. She got a slot in the Mississippi State College for Women. After some time, Welty got the chance of her life and went to study at Columbia University. She studied Business at the University and graduated. After finishing college, she got her first job in a radio station. As she worked at the station, she also wrote columns about the commercial appeal for the Memphis. She loved to take on challenging tasks as while doing all these; she was also a Publicity Agent. She did not let go her love for instruments and this enabled her to take many photographs of herself during the entire years that she was at work. She got lucky as in the years 1936 and 1937, her photos were exhibited. It was a great achievement to have her pictures being seen in New York.

Achievements of Welty

Welty, like many female writers, faced a major problem in publishing her work. This did not keep her from chasing her goals. She did not have a problem with putting her publishing work at bay and chase other dreams. This was her major strength. In 1971, she made a breakthrough. Her photos were published in a photograph book One Time, One Place. They were later published in many other photograph books. This was the beginning of success for her. Her collection of essays and reviews to various books were published together with her autobiography in 1984.

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