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Domestic Violence

A great percentage of people mistakenly think that domestic violence happens only at homes. The truth is that it can happen at any location. This type of violence can happen in any of three forms: socially, physically or emotionally. Moreover, it happens between two intimate people and in most cases, these people are family members. Therefore, it could be between partners or children or a parent and a child. A person acts violently towards a close person due to poor communication and the need to exert his or her power and control over the other person. In this essay, we shall discuss how this violence happens in a relationship and how to deal with it.

Domestic Violence in a relationship

The first form of this indecent behaviour is usually physical. This means someone actually inflicts pain by hitting you with his or her bare hand or an object. This behaviour has reportedly reached to heights of causing death in some cases. Emotional violence is also common. This could be a partner indulging in emotionally hurting behaviour such as unfaithfulness or verbally hurting the partner’s emotions. In some cases, people in relationship have also experienced economic violence. This behaviour can happen in either of two ways: one partner forcefully controls the finances of the other person or puts the other partner in a position of unreasonably having to beg for money. When one of these injustices happens in a public place, then that becomes social violence. An example would be someone insulting his partner publicly. Social violence could also be control of a partner’s movements and actions, and hindrance to leaving the house or meeting other people.

Keep yourself safe

Irrespective of the level of love you feel for your partner, there is no justification for him or her to act violently towards you in any way. If your partner turns violent, take any of the appropriate measures as discussed below. When your partner starts being physically abusive, then there is imminent danger. You should move to a safer venue, at least prior to reaching a workable resolution to any existing issue. A safer venue could be to a friend’s residence or you could rent another apartment. In addition, you should also inform the police especially when a partner verbally threatens you. Going through violence is quite bad. Therefore, always talk to a person you trust about the issue. The person may not help but you will feel better after sharing.

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