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Academic Writing Tips: The Main Components Of A Five-Paragraph Essay

Five-paragraph essays are the most common type of written assignment you will get throughout your academic career, so you’d better learn how to make them right. This type of paper is relatively easy to write if you remember the distinctions between the parts of the essay.

  1. 1. Introduction.
  2. This is your first paragraph and its purpose is to catch the attention of the audience and make people interested in reading further. An introduction must include a thesis statement, which is the core idea of your paper. You also need to provide a short summary of the text and a little bit of background information. This will allow your readers to understand the significance of your research.

  3. 2. Body paragraph 1.
  4. There are three body paragraphs in a five-paragraph essay. The first one should contain your strongest argument/example/idea, etc. The actual item will depend on the type of the paper you need to create, but the point is to introduce the most valuable piece of information you have first. The last sentence of the paragraph should include some kind of a transition phrase that will link it to the next one seamlessly.

  5. 3. Body paragraph 2.
  6. In this paragraph, you need to continue the line of thought started in the first paragraph and provide your second strongest argument. This paragraph aims to solidify your position on the matter by proving beyond all doubt that there is enough solid evidence to support your views.

  7. 4. Body paragraph 3.
  8. Here is where you can get a little bit creative. You can choose between offering your least strong argument or addressing the views of the opposing side. If you are writing an argumentative or persuasive paper, you should go with the latter choice. Therefore, you will need to introduce the strongest argument of your opponents and break it by providing evidence to the contrary.

  9. 5. Conclusion.
  10. Your concluding paragraph must close every single line of thought in your paper in order to make it truly complete. Don’t introduce any new ideas or facts in this section. A conclusion should include a short overview of the main points of your research, restatement of the thesis sentence from the introduction, and a final statement to end the discussion. You also need to explain how the results of your research will affect the field of study as a whole.

    Please note that the information you need to provide in the body paragraphs will depend on the type of the essay you need to create; therefore, you’ll need to do some additional research when you receive the assignment.

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