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How To Write A Reflective Essay On Strategic Management: Easy Guidelines

Writing can be a great way to work out your thoughts and reactions to certain experiences. There's a reason your schoolteachers required you to write essays about the books you read. It wasn't just busywork or to make sure you read the book - it was a way of forcing you to think through what you read.

Likewise, writing about your experiences with strategic management can be a great way to process everything you've learned, and pass that new information on to others.


There are different ways to organize your thoughts, but for a reflective essay, the one that makes the most sense is usually chronological. In that case, you can start in one of three places:

  • Your first day on the job;
  • Your first day/meeting as a high-level manager; or
  • Your first mistake.

Where you start depends on how much information you want to include. By talking only about your mistakes, you can focus on what you, personally, have learned up to this point.

But maybe you learned by watching other people make mistakes before your promotion. You might want to include all your experiences in the corporate world, even before you rose up in the ranks. This can be extremely useful because it gives your reader a sense of how the decisions made by top executives affect everyone in the company.


Learning isn't just about what we did wrong. It's true we learn a lot from our mistakes, but we can learn just as much from our successes. If you have an achievement you're particularly proud of, or a problem you solved, feel free to include that in your essay.


The language you use will depend on your audience. If you're writing for other high-level executives, you can feel free to use as much business jargon and abbreviations as you feel comfortable with. If your intention is to write for students or lower-level employees looking to move up one day, then there might be some business jargon they will understand, but you should probably keep it to a minimum.

Essays can also be written for the general public. It's unlikely that someone reading about strategic management would not know a few things about business, but to be safe, it's best to use as many colloquial terms as possible. Try not to overburden your audience with technical terms and your essay will be easier to read, and as a result, more effective.

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