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How To Compose An Essay On Transformational Leadership

Transformational leadership is an approach that implies the group work of the leader and the employees. By working together, they identify the procedures that are necessary to improve the working conditions. The most interesting feature of this strategy is the possibility to raise the morale and motivation in the group. If you are writing an essay on this topic, take note of the following points that outline the features of an efficient transformational leader.

  • Neuroticism. Studies point out that this leadership style reduced the stress levels in the group. When anxiety disappears, the group becomes more effective. Thus, you should underline this benefit of the style in your essay.

  • Extraversion. This characteristic of the personality is related to inspirational trait and is one of the most important points in transformational leadership. Therefore, comment how extraversion serves in this work scheme so as to show the audience the possible benefits of the style.

  • Openess. Being open to new ideas and having an adaptable mindset is healthy for the group. Therefore, openess to experience implies having a creative mind ready to be responsive to the working environment.

  • Agreeableness. Having charisma is often required in this leadership style because the manager needs to connect with the employees and the partners. Thus, this is another interesting point to address in your article to provide useful insight in the topic.

  • Conscientiousness. Reducing large amounts of productive work into tasks is what we define as being conscientious as a leader. This is the job that the manager will have to perform in a regular basis. Then, you should also talk about this skill.

The previous points describe the main characteristics of what is expected from a leader in this style. You can use those bullets points to create an outline about the skills that are required in this approach and how they interact with the working environment. In addition, you can add some examples to describe some of these skills that are highly valuable in every leader that is looking forward to succeeding in this career.

In conclusion, transformational leadership is an attractive style that brings some pros that are worth considering to the working environment. By taking the above-listed points in mind while composing your article, you will have a much easier time deciding which information may be relevant and what to exclude.

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