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Whitman Vs. Dickinson

These two poets are different in how they portray their points and themes in their work. Whitman writes long poems that are hard to follow. Dickinson, on the other hand, writes short poems that are highly condensed and controlled. They are easy to follow and lay out the main themes. The two poets have however concentrated on life, death and God. The two have also portrayed an excellent trait of keen observation for the finer details in nature. Despite them writing on same themes and being keen observers, their poems have different feels.

Feeling about death

Whitman used grass to compare to death. Just like sprouting grass, new grass shows life. It shows that life is just beginning and that there is no death shortly. As the grass grows, there is the sense of God taking care of his creation. The grass will grow and at one point it will wither. This is now compared to death. When the grass has grown, it will be cut and will wither. When the grass is growing life is still on. When it is cut, there is some danger. He compares the cutting of grass as the same way beauty fades. This means that the some grass has to be cut to prepare a grave. The cut grass fades and is no longer beautiful. With time, the same grass will sprout, and there is new life. Whitman does not fear death. In fact, he is bolder, brighter and grand about both life and death. He knows that just as the same way grass sprouts, grows and then dies, life happens the same way.

Dickson’s feeling about life and death

He takes us to the seas and compares the life of a slave on the run to one that endures in the grazing fields. Though his story looks absurd, he is more compelling than Whitman. Life is a complete cycle. He talks about a family that lives in the seas and helps a slave that is on the run. He fears death, and this is the reason the family saves the slave. His life is different fr4om that of the other slave living in the field I the midst of cattle that he should be looking after. To Dickinson, life is valuable despite the hardships that one goes through. Despite the place and location, there are challenges, and they are a big important part of life.

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