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A List Of Interesting Freedom Of Speech Essay Topics

Finding a great Freedom of Speech essay topic can be difficult for some students. The subject has been long debated that it feels as though everything there is to say about the first amendment has been said. But this isn’t true. One must merely brainstorm a few ideas to see that the subject is far from being discussed in its entirety. So here are a few topics to get you started:

  1. 1. Reasons Why Offensive Language Should Be Allowed and Not Censored
  2. Can you provide reasons and examples of why the offensive language should be given the same protections? Are there any exceptions or should all language be protected?

  3. 2. Freedom of Speech in Developing Nations – A History
  4. Many developing nations have been slow to allow protection of language – either spoken or written. Do you think governments in these nations are afraid of language’s effect on an unstable state?

  5. 3. Expression on the Internet and Regulation
  6. The internet has brought the world much closer, but it has also brought issues of regulation over what is said online. Should a governing body be created or should the internet be opened up for a complete de-censorship?

  7. 4. Political Corrected-ness and Public Response
  8. Think about the ways in which the public responds to political corrected-ness. Does it believe that everything that is said is sincere?

  9. 5. The Double Edged Sword Behind the First Amendment
  10. The double edged sword behind the freedom of speech is that there will be many offensive things said throughout history that will be put under a microscope and perceived evidence of the need towards censorship.

  11. 6. Hate Speech as a Protected Legal Right
  12. Should hate speech be protected at all costs? Or are people ready to brush off hate speech and deem it unworthy of the same protections as socially accepted language?

  13. 7. Cyber Bullying and the New Battle Over Freedom of Speech
  14. Should cyber bullying be protected under the first amendment? This has been a hotbed in recent years but it doesn’t seem much different than simply saying something that sounds insulting.

    8. The History of Censorship in Entertainment

    Discuss the history of how censorship has affected the way the entertainment industry has developed. Do you think the entertainment industry would be different without censorship?

  15. 9. How the First Amendment is Infringement Upon in American Schools
  16. Many books cannot be taught in classes, and many plays cannot be performed. How does this type of censorship affect the way students learn?

  17. 10. The Formation of a Controversy: History of the First Amendment
  18. Provide a history of how the first amendment came to be and how the perception of it has changed or remained the same in light of the history that followed it’s creation.

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