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A List Of Brilliant Persuasive Essay Topic Ideas For College Students

A persuasive essay is the type of academic paper where the writer needs to convince his audience of his ideas and use strong logical argument, facts and concrete examples to prove his idea. You cannot simply convince someone to agree with you if this is only based upon your personal experiences. Avoid any kind of biased opinions or subjectivity when you develop your stance because the readers will doubt the authentication of your paper. You need to make sure that you develop a strong stance and stay by your original take on the paper. The topic is one of the most critical things about your essay. You cannot ignore its significance because it will decide the overall structure and scope of your assignment. The major arguments you develop, the data you collect and the thesis statement you choose, all of them should be in accordance with the topic. Students often make a mistake of using similar topics for each kind of paper. They need to keep in mind that a persuasive topic will lead to a persuasive assignment. You cannot choose a general fact or statement to make the title of persuasive essay. Below is a list of persuasive topics for students to help them write their papers

List of interesting persuasive topics for students

  1. 1. Drinking and driving should be banned for all ages
  2. 2. Eastern cultures have lesser divorce rates because the marriages are arranged
  3. 3. Homework is a waste of time and reduces creativity for students
  4. 4. Domestic violence rates increase in households that struggle with finances
  5. 5. Helicopter parenting is a better parenting style than free range parenting
  6. 6. Free range parenting is a better style than helicopter parenting
  7. 7. Bribe and other social evils should be eradicated rather than alcohols and drugs
  8. 8. Alcoholism and drugs promote all social evil
  9. 9. Extravagation is a curse of modern life
  10. 10. Our presents are embedded in our past
  11. 11. Listening to music can increase productivity
  12. 12. Listening to music can cause distraction
  13. 13. Air pollution leads to unhealthy environments
  14. 14. Government should be responsible for air and water pollutants and control them
  15. 15. People should be responsible for air and water pollutants and control them
  16. 16. Yoga is an alternative to a religious practice
  17. 17. All religions promote peace and harmony
  18. 18. Religion causes oppression of women

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