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Fresh List Of Amazing Essay Topics For College Students

Essay topics have been repeated over the years making them mundane to read. Students who manage to develop fresh ideas stand a better chance of catching the attention of their tutors and scoring higher marks. Interesting ideas makes it easy to search for material and complete the work within a short time. Determining the best idea for you requires that you consider the following aspects.

  • Type of essay- argumentative, descriptive, definitive, discussion and narrative.
  • Area of study- art, science, business, etc.
  • Scope- regional, national, continental and international.

Here is a list of different categories that would make the essay interesting to read and improve your chances of getting a higher mark.

  • a. Argumentative essays
    1. Should people be punished for neglecting their elderly parents?
    2. Should tobacco and alcohol advertisements be banned?
    3. Should the law demand the inclusion of vertically challenged individuals in modeling and fashion shows?
    4. Should companies selling products with fats be required to put warning labels like the ones on cigarettes and alcohol?
    5. Is turning the left cheek after being hit on the right practical?
  • b. Descriptive Essays
    1. A bird feeding its chicks with worms
    2. Using the college lawn for a picnic
    3. A life changing scene at the railway station
    4. Traffic jams during rush hours
    5. The fun activities of the summer camp
  • c. Definition Essay
    1. The stick and carrot motivation approach
    2. Entrepreneurship
    3. Psychotherapy
    4. Bankruptcy
    5. Generation gap
    6. Comparing and contrasting Ideas
    1. Face to face meeting and texting
    2. Forgiving and apologizing
    3. Traveling round the world and using the internet
    4. Winning a million in a lottery and getting a good job
    5. Computer games and field or track activities
  • e. Cause and Effect Essay
    1. Excessive parental attention and irresponsible children
    2. Low salaries and poor motivation
    3. Leisure time and academic performance
    4. Cognitive ability and peace of mind
    5. Cardiovascular diseases and poor eating habits
  • f. Process essay
    1. How to better your memory
    2. How to deal with social media addiction
    3. How to calm down irritated customers
    4. How to remain entertained in the queue
Before settling for any topic, it is advisable to sincerely answer the following simple questions.
  • Is it interesting?
  • Does it give you an idea of examples before you begin the research?
  • Have you constructed a personal opinion already?
  • Does it make an interesting point of discussion with friends?

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