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Amazon Incorporated is one of the pioneers in internet shopping. Since their conception, they have grown into a billion dollar corporation that continually adapts to modern technology and marketing methods. Their website has become the go-to site for needs ranging from books to baby products. However, they have always been a book company and especially promote eBooks to the public. This essay will focus more on that aspect of the company, and look at how they have changed the way we buy, read, and write books.

The all-in-one website

You can buy almost anything on Amazon nowadays. People purchase a wide variety of baby products, toys, food, and even fashion accessories from this online company. But Amazon had relatively humble beginnings and was initially known as an online book store. It soon evolved into a CD and DVD purchase point because of ingenious ways of marketing which we will look at next.

New marketing opportunities

Amazon started using a very clever way of marketing their products. Users could go onto the site to view ratings from others before purchasing the book or item they were considering. Even the ordering methods had individualized feedback sections so that people could read for themselves how easy it was to order the item. Another gimmick that Amazon used to sell their products was to allow potential buyers to ‘take a peak’ into the first few pages of a book. This was tantamount to walking into a book store, paging through a book, and then deciding whether or not to buy it.

Anyone can write a book

Amazon has not only sold millions of books, but they have encouraged thousands of people to write books themselves. The eBook market is huge and Amazon has grabbed hold of this market. They have made it so simple to write a book and sell it online. Today, buyers, sellers, and writers of books all form part of an online community that loves reading.

From such humble beginnings, Amazon saw a niche in the online market and made the best of it. They were also clever enough to use strategic methods of selling their products by creating a community of users who communicate with each other through ratings. Today, there are over 2 million eBooks available to purchase on Amazon’s website; and if you like, you can also buy reading software or devices to store and enjoy your books—all on Amazon.

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