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Why Do We Like To Watch Rich People On TV And In The Movies?

Many people enjoy watching the wealthy upper-class on television and in movies. Some might ask why the rise in reality television, particularly within emphasis on the wealthy upper-class has risen in popularity over the last decade. One of the biggest contributors to this is dissatisfaction with your personal life. Because of a complete lack of financial education for most of the world, financial stability is not prominent. This was evident with the recent 2008 collapse of Wall Street and the high number of people who had not planned ahead or taken time to prepare financially for long term success. That led to a higher satisfaction among viewers to watch rich people on television throw away their money frivolously. It was recently asked why this is, and what can be done to stop it.

Satisfaction derived from watching poorly behaving rich people is not just something associated with the recession. In reality these television shows and films offer a representation of people deepest fantasies. People covet what others have because they don't have basic financial security. Without basic financial security people worry about what the future might bring and what their current situation could bring with it. However, those who are secure in their financial future, particularly those who are seen on television and in movies offer a momentary divide from reality.

People who do not possess any financial education make poor financial decisions. As a result they and their family suffer. People who did not receive any financial education school and neglected to educate themselves with the unlimited supply of information that exist today free of charge, have no one but themselves to blame. And yet instead of taking their precious time and using it to learn about financial stability and what financial measures they can take to ensure their future success, people instead watch wealthy individuals behave poorly on television. They are able to watch people whose poor decisions do not affect their future success and stability. One bad spending spree Adam mall does not and in eviction for the wealthy upper-class. But it does end in eviction for many of today's members of society.

No longer watching such pervasive shows, coveting what other people have, being gluttonous, and wishing that you could be frivolous in your habits without any responsibility and still be successful financially, is one of the first steps in overcoming this perverse dependency on wealthy reality television shows.

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