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Most of the world is currently unaware of the fact that Malaysia is in big trouble. However, this trouble is not being caused by political unrest, warfare, or terrorism. In fact, the people of Malaysia are absolutely fine. Malaysia’s problems lie in their natural forests which are being depleted more and more each day. This essay will examine this problem more closely and also look into what is being done about this troubling situation.

Dangers in logging

It is estimated that by the year 2020, all of Malaysia’s forest will be completely depleted due to logging industries. This advent is a mere five years away and yet very little effort is being made to stop it. The animals in Malaysia are suffering and will continue to suffer because of the continual destruction of their natural habitat. Taking out so many trees is also contributing to the flooding of the area brought on by rainy seasons in the region.

Animals in distress

There are a number of indigenous plants that are being systematically destroyed because of the deforestation of the Malaysian jungle. There are also various types of fungi that are dying out and not being replenished because the natural area is slowly changing into a barren wasteland. Animals are also victims of this process. One such animal is the leatherback turtle which is slowly becoming extinct because it has nowhere else to go.

Solutions to the problem

The Malaysian government has attempted to put certain regulations in place to slow down or stop the damage that is being done to their jungles. One such strategy is the implementation of strict anti-animal trafficking laws—as this is a huge problem in the country. In addition, 30 national parks have been established in Malaysia to protect certain species of animals and plants. Today, there are also a number of areas in the country which are completely off limits to tourists—as many poachers claiming to be tourists are actually there with ulterior motives.

Although strategies have been put into place to conserve the rich wildlife of Malaysia, the people and corporations seem oblivious to their effect on the environment. That does not mean that there is no hope, because people are taking note of this problem. However, the way things look now, if you have ever wanted to visit the country of Malaysia, you may want to do it within the next five years.

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