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Dante's Inferno

This is a game that was developed in the year 2010 by Visceral Games. It is published by Electronic Arts. The game is action-packed and gives the great player adventure. The player goes through a rigorous experience of going through a vicious battlefield. Dante's Inferno is only compatible to users of Xbox 360 and Play Station 3 consoles. The game is built around Dante, who is the protagonist. Dante is given a role by King Richard One to take care of some prisoners. He is chosen because of his faith and the King believes that Dante can keep them safe and get him a chance to obtain the Hoy Relic. Despite all this trust, Dante commits many crimes and slaughters all the prisoners. During the attack, Dante is stabbed. He has to go through the various circles of hell. When he gets home, he finds that his father and sister have been killed. Her sister, however, has hope that Dante will save her soul from the powers of Satan. Dante manages to do so and takes her soul to the temple by blessing the cross that she gave him. He is then taken through the nine circles of hell in exchange to have his name written in Heaven.

How is the Game played?

The game is played by a single player who has to guide Dante in the battlefield. The battlefield is arranged in puzzles environments. Dante has got a death scythe which is his primary weapon. The weapon has got a great combination of attacks and finishing moves that are very helpful in the battlefield. Dante also has a secondary weapon which is his holy cross. This adds power to him and is energized as one advances levels in the game. Dante also has got some magical powers that will progress with the game. The magic make his attacks and abilities a unique trait as he is the only one with such. They help in positioning. The player maintains a string of attack by continuously pressing a button on the screen. This will keep you attacking and prevent you from being injured or even killed in the game.

Reception of the game

Many people have criticized the game of having a lot of repetitions that make it monotonous. However, the first stages of the game are seen as excellent. At the last stages, the enemies are given strange abilities. They can hide out of their positions. This is why Dante doesn’t make it through the final stages.

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