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Cosmetic Surgeries

Cosmetic surgeries are medical procedures performed on patients with an aim of improving their appearance in terms of beauty. These procedures are a branch of the plastic surgeries. These systems are very common in the US and the UK. It is important to note that cosmetic surgeries are done only at the patients request unlike the sister reconstructive surgeries. This could be the reason some people consider them unnecessary. On the other side, reconstructive surgeries are done only if a doctor feels it is necessary, and the aim is to improve the functionality of a body part. Individuals wishing to undergo a cosmetic surgery are advised to choose a surgeon who is approved by the relevant regulatory boards.

Common cosmetic procedures

Cosmetic procedures can either be surgical or non- surgical procedures are those that the surgeon opens the body surface to operate on the inner tissues of the body. These normally are done in a hospital set-up. Non-surgical refer to those that are done on the body surface. A good example is the removal of acne marks from the face by applying certain chemicals to peel the face skin. The body parts that are commonly reshaped these kinds of surgeries include the breasts, eyes, nose, ears, face, hair and the tummy. For the breasts, the procedure mostly involves either reducing or enlarging the breast size or lifting sagging breasts. For the eyes, the procedures mostly revolve around shaping of the eyelids. For the nose, it is usually about changing the initial shape of the nose. For the ears, it is generally reducing the size or aligning them correctly towards the head. Most surgeries involving the head usually touch on the reshaping the forehead or growing of hair for bald headed individuals.

Reasons for choosing cosmetic surgery

There are various reasons that may make a person want to undergo cosmetic surgery. Surprisingly most of the reasons are psychological. The drive to undergo this kind of surgery is mostly known to emanate from lack of personal love for oneself. Such individuals fail to appreciate their natural appearance and opt to improve it through cosmetic surgeries. Domestic violence is also known to make its victims think that they are not good looking and probably the reason they are being abused. Most of these victims end up seeking these surgeries. Psychological counselling is recommended to the patient before undertaking the surgery bearing in mind that the outcomes from such procedures cannot be reversed.

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