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Writing A Persuasive Essay: 10 Free Topic Suggestions

You’re running out of excuses for procrastinating. You may feel that you don’t have any good topic ideas to write on, so we’re here to help. Here are 10 free topic suggestions on some really good persuasive essays:

  1. On gender roles. Should men open doors for women or does this hurt feminists’ feelings? Is there a good way of approaching this subject or is it generally a topic with many taboos?
  2. On male pregnancy. Should we fund more research on the possibilities of male pregnancy? What kind of problems or benefits can we reasonably expect from people in support or against this type of research?
  3. On human resources. Should human resource managers use lie detectors when interviewing employees or applicants? Would this be a violation of peoples’ rights? How would this protect the workplace?
  4. On civil unions. Should civil unions be granted the same legal rights as married couples if they live together for a minimum of 3 years? If not, then what alternatives exist to help protect or provide rights such as property or power of attorney?
  5. On bullying. Are there any benefits of bullying? For instance, does it encourage students’ self-development? If so, what can be suggested as a reasonable amount that could be allowed? What punishments exist and where do they begin?
  6. On abstinence programs. Are abstinence programs in schools effective? Or are they primarily seen as a waste of funds? What alternatives exist and who is responsible for applying these programs?
  7. On globalization. Do international unions do more harm to national economies than they do good? For instance, take Greece as an example. Have we learned anything by the disaster that has occurred in Greece or do we stay the course and anticipate things to get better on their own?
  8. On plastic surgery. Should actors and other celebrities be prohibited from having plastic surgery? What social responsibilities do celebrities have to encourage self-respect and confidence in their fans?
  9. On humor and healing. Is humor an effective way for coping with various kinds of stress? Are there certain types of humor that are more effective than others? For instance, is insult comedy as effective in healing as physical comedy?
  10. On marketing. Should we have bans or be stricter when it comes to advertising harmful items such as alcohol or cigarettes? Does this violate business entities’ rights to succeed in business?

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