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10 Best Essay Topics For Lord Of The Flies For High School Students

Writing an essay about literature or work of art is quite a challenging task. Students do not have to think of any possible topic and pen down their own opinions about it. This will require reading the story, novel, play or book several times in order to develop an understanding of the basic theme and to analyze the work critically. There is no space for biasness or subjectivity in such an essay you need to base your paper on strong logical arguments and authenticated data from the work. Students can choose to write about the strengths or weaknesses of the paper based on their understanding and ease. Another good way is to create a comparison essay discussing the good and bad things about the work

If you are to write an essay about the lord of he flies, you need to read it more than a few times. Make sure to highlight important points as you read and keep a keen eye for symbolism, contradictory events, climax, character building and story in the work. You can choose to write about the author or his life events that inspired this book or discuss different roles and technicalities about the book

Essay topics for Lord of the Flies

  1. Compare and contrast the strengths and weaknesses about the Lord of the flies
  2. Show the importance of symbolism in this work and the way Golding used it in the book
  3. Discuss the character or Piggy as compared to the rest of his fellows. Is piggy the only sensible guy among the group of guys
  4. What is the theme of this book? What does Golding want to teach the teenagers about life and respecting others through this book
  5. What is the purpose and importance of introducing the dead parachutist in the book
  6. What does Golding show about young minds and obsession in his work?
  7. How does power relate to items like the skull or shell? Can a non-living object have negative or positive vibes to it
  8. What is the importance of the litluns and the way the boys treat them
  9. Which is the most important character of the book without whom the story would not have been complete
  10. Discuss the point that you will consider as climax of the book. Show why you think so and give reasons to justify your answer

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