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Walt Disney Productions

Walt Disney Productions Company was founded on 16th October 1923 by the Disney brothers Roy and Walt. They first developed it into Disney Cartoon Studio and, later on, diversified to live television, film production, and theme parks. Today, it is the largest media conglomerate after Comcast regarding revenue. They took on their current name in 1986 and after that, they expanded their operations. This led to the creation of divisions that focused differently on music, theater, publishing, radio and online media. The newly created divisions also helped them to market the mature content than typically relying on the family-oriented brands. Creation of The Walt Disney Studio which is ranked as one of the best known and largest studios in America brought great honor and fame to the company. The company has now grown and enjoys a good level of success. It owns, manages and operates some television networks, publishes music and has a string of theater divisions. One of its earliest and best-known cartoon creations is the Meaky Mouse.

Corporate and social responsibility

Walt Disney Productions has set up many programs that make it socially responsible. The company has identified the major causes of pollution and tries to keep its operations off such things. It makes sure to produce annual reports that show that its operational impact on the environment issues like ecosystem protection, greenhouse gas emissions, fossil fuel use and reduction of waste. This has helped Walt Disney Productions as they have gained popularity out of the ranking made by Boston College Centre for Corporate and Reputation Institute. They have been ranked second as the company that is socially responsible. Social responsibility has also enabled them to improve their performance.


Despite their long-term success, they have faced a lot of criticism from the people. One of the main agenda of criticism is the claim of sexual content and references hidden in the films. This has in most instances led to the recall for modifications so as to remove such scenes and references in the films. Some of the films that had to be recalled include The Rescuers (1977) and Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988). Religious groups and associations have also opposed the production of films that include priests and dogma. The company has also been in the spotlight for the production of films that promote relationships between members of the same sex. Protests against such issues have also continued by groups that are conservative and some other groups fighting for human rights.

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