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Jeffrey Dahmer

Better known as the Milwaukee Cannibal, this American Serial killer and sex offender has raped, murdered and dismembered seventeen men and young boys between the years of 1978 and 1991. He was also engaged in necrophilia, cannibalism and preserved various body parts of his victims, usually entire skeletal structures. Found to be legally sane at his trial, he was sentenced to fifteen terms of life imprisonment in February of 1992, with an additional term being added after for another murder committed in 1978, in the state of Ohio. In November of 1994, Dahmer was beaten to death by a fellow inmate, Christopher Scarver, in the Columbia Correctional Institution.

Early Life

Born on May 21st,1960, the first of two sons to couple Joyce Annette and Lionel Herbert Dahmer. His mother was a teletype machine instructor while his father was enrolled at Marquette University, pursuing a degree in chemistry. As a child, he received the usual y amount of attention and care from his parents but this soon changed when his mother became ill. She began acting erratically and even attempted suicide once, all in efforts to gain attention from her husband, who at the time was too busy with his studies to pay attention to much else.

Young Dahmer

Now mostly on his own as a result of family tensions within the home along with general neglect by his parents, Jeff’s teacher was known to have commented on his behavior by saying he acted as if he was neglected. Despite his quiet, keep to himself attitude, Jeff did manage to make a small number of friend while at school. At a young age, he expressed an interest in animals and started collecting insect and other creatures at a young age. When his father noticed his interest in what seemed to be scientific curiosity, he taught him how to clean and preserve bones, a skill that would be utilized extensively for less innocent activities later in life.

Later years

During his teens, escalating problems between his parents led to him developing many habits, including alcohol abuse. When his parents finally got a divorce, he was left to live in the family house alone. His first murder was committed by bludgeoning then strangling a hitch hiker with whom he was consuming alcohol.

He went on to lead a life of indecency and irresponsibility, despite attempts to assist him by his father and grandmother. Eventually he went back to committing sexual offenses which eventually lead to multiple murders and his final incarceration in the year 1992.

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