Tricks For Academic Writing

Write An Essay: Making Strong Introduction And Conclusion

A strong introduction and conclusion are important elements of a well-written essay. You need to understand essential components of each in order to get your information in the right place. Your essay should provide compelling content on your topic from start to finish. This means you will need to know your subject matter well and what details you want your audience to know. An outline can help you break up the essay into smaller sections to help you understand what your topic needs.

Make A Creative Hook and Compelling Thesis Statement

Writing a strong introduction for your essay means understanding essential details. The first sentence is your hook and it should grab attention of the reader quickly. Think about your subject matter and consider what information should appear first to help people get familiar with it? You can include a joke, question or general statement. Think about additional background information on the topic readers should know. Your thesis statement is the main idea or argument your essay will explore. This should be concise, clear and give valuable meaning behind the essay and content that will follow.

Conclusion Needs a Good Summation of Main Points and Memorable Data

Writing a strong conclusion includes a unique understanding of the essay topic. You may not need to include new details in this section, but you need to know what information should stand out to readers. What is information you want readers to remember? What should they take from the essay? What supporting points should be summarized? You can restate your thesis but remember to paraphrase the content instead of copying word-for-word. Remember this section should close the topic. Readers should feel they got enough information to be informed on the subject matter.

You Introduction and Conclusion Should Complement Each Other Well at Full Circle

This may or may not be true depending on your guidelines and instruction. Some people feel this can help you write both parts effectively. Others feel you could get your content confused and may leave out details or include too much. Have a clear understanding of the purpose of each section. Know what details to include and how to make them stand out to readers. Your body paragraphs should provide insight that will help connect your introduction and conclusion while making each part standout on their own.

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